Is there a way to make the tool tip text box bigger and/or adjust the size tho the content of the help text?

So we have quite long End-user help texts on some fields. Is there a way to expand the message window so that the user can see the whole text and not having to go to Actions and Form help?

I'm guessing at least it should be in some CSS code...?

  • Hi Mikaela, I haven't been able to find where this is set. If it is important for your project, you can open a support ticket. They will be able to check with the developers to see if this is something that can be easily edited.

  • Hi Mikeala,

    We have run into that issue too.

    The default is 200px width and 10em height.

    .helptexttip .tooltip-inner {
      max-width: 200px;
      max-height: 10em;

    The following css would make it bigger, but you could find exactly the size that works for you.
    .helptexttip .tooltip-inner {
      max-width: 600px;
      max-height: 20em;

    Note that I usually add a class to my forms so that my css won't conflict outright with SBM's defaults, unless I want it to.

    So the selector would be:
    .bigHelpForm .helptexttip .tooltip-inner {
      max-width: 600px;
      max-height: 20em;

    Where you add the class "bigHelpForm" to the body (i.e. jQuerySBM('body').addClass('bigHelpForm'))

  • Thank you, sounds like what I would like to do but didn't manage unfortunately.
    I found the ".helptexttip .tooltip-inner" in bootstrap-tooltip.css but the change there didn't make any difference Disappointed

  • Mikaela, are you using quick forms or custom forms?

    If the latter, try adding a HtmlJavascriptWidget to the page with the following content:

    body .helptexttip .tooltip-inner \{
      max-width: 600px;
      max-height: 20em;

    This increases the specificity of the CSS selector, which should give you the following:

    If the prior and you are updating the actual css, I'm surprised that didn't work, unless SBM has multiple versions of that file. You could add a similar rule to one above at the end of the bootstrap-tooltip.css file with the increased specificity. That should override the display value.

  • We use custom forms in legacy mode (we have been going for a while...)
    I can't get this to work :( I did add a HtmlJavascriptWidget to the form with your code, I can see it's there in debug window but no change on the size of the tooltip box

  • You might have to do a "Refresh Cache" or "Clear Template Cache" Admin action or both.  See KB S133438 and S143372.

    Don't forget that any changes you make to template files under "Application Engine" will get over-written the next time IIS  on the AE sever is restarted.  You'll need to do a System Administrator "Put Files To Database" once you get the changes working.

    And.  Your changed template files will probably get overwritten the next time you do an SBM upgrade.  If you're like us you'll have forgotten all about the modified template files by that time.  


  • PLEASE submit an enhancement request to have SBM include an option to set the size of the hover-help.  I'd vote for it.

  • Try placing the HtmlJavascriptWidget at the beginning of the form.  Can you get it work on a test process app?  Perhaps, try a form that is not in legacy mode.  

    On a side note, it is often possible to simply uncheck the legacy mode box and have the form work as expected.