Is it possible to save a labeled version (patch) of a process app as a new main version?

We had to rebuild an old version of the Process App and have only been working in patches since then (the current version is always under "labeled version" in SBM Composer). How do we get a new main version and get it out of the repository normally again?

Or did we do something wrong when restoring from the old version? 

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    Just to be sure I understand, you have a patch context version that you like. Now, you want to ditch the existing main version and use the patch context version as the new main version. Is that right?

    The easiest method would look like this:

    1) Open the "good" version in Composer. 

    2) Make sure everything is checked in. It is a pain to check in things later, so be sure it is checked in now.

    3) Go to File > Import and Export > Export to File and save the .msd file on your machine.

    4) Close and reopen Composer. (You can probably just close the process app, but I like to restart clean.)

    5) Go to File > Import and Export > Import from File. Navigate and pick the file from step 2. As it is imported, you will get a warnings saying that the process app already exists in the Repository. I don't remember if this is a yes/no question or something else. Either way, read the message and chose the option to continue going with the import.

    6) Once the import is finished, look through the process app and verify it looks like the version you want. You just imported it. Everything should be fine. This is just a sanity check.

    7) Deploy the process app to your test server. This will make it the new "main" version. 

    8) To verify this is the main version, close and reopen Composer. (Again, you can probably just close the process app, but I like to restart clean.)

    9) Go to File > Open > From Repository, and pick the process app from the list. DO NOT use the "open labeled version" button. Just pick it from the list on the top.

    10) Look through the process app to validate the version. You will know this is the main version because if you look at the table (for example), you will now be allowed to create new fields. Then using a patch context all of this is grayed out.

    That should be it.

  • I almost forgot, When you deploy the first time, it will ask if you want to get the version from the repository or "Check In" the new version. Be sure to choose the "check in" option.

  •  thank you so much, that was exactly the solution to our problem!! :-)