What is the format of the "TS_CONTENTS" field in TS_FILE_OBJS and TS_FILE_OBJS_TEMP tables?

When using a File type field, the file added frequently a unique file name in the "TS_CONTENTS" field in the TS_FILE_OBJS_TEMP and TS_FILE_OBJS tables. The unique name seems to have the format "[original filename]_[Item Table ID]_[Item Record ID]_[Add File iteration]_[mysterious number #1]_[mysterious number #2].[original file extension]"


What are the values for "[mysterious number #1]" and "[mysterious number #2]" and how are they derived?


TS_NAME:Default or user entered fname TS_CONTENTS:Unique fname TS_FILENAME:original fname
TIFF.tiff TIFF_1176_1_0_8940_5832.tiff TIFF.tiff
TIFF.tiff TIFF_1011_1376812_0_8940_5832.tiff TIFF.tiff
TIFF.tiff TIFF_1011_1376812_1_8940_5832.tiff TIFF.tiff
TIFF.tiff TIFF_1011_1376812_2_8940_5832.tiff TIFF.tiff
TIFF.tiff TIFF_1011_1376812_3_8940_5832.tiff TIFF.tiff
TIFF.tiff TIFF_1176_1_1_8940_5832.tiff TIFF.tiff
TIFF.tiff TIFF_1176_1_0_8940_7604.tiff TIFF.tiff
TIFF.tiff TIFF_1176_1_2_8940_7604.tiff TIFF.tiff
Name entered for TIFF.tiff TIFF_1176_1_3_8940_7604.tiff TIFF.tiff