Roles - Owner


I am creating a new workflow and I need to set the owner of a few states to a role that we don't already have.  So I created a new role in Composer and set the owner to that new role.  In Administrator, I added users to that role.

I then published so I could test.  When the workflow got to the state, where it should list the owner, it says "(None)."  Is there some other step I missed?

On a related note, when I created the role in Composer, it created a field and placed it on the "quick form" and set it as a required field.  I didn't know it did that.  I set the workflow to use a form that I created and when I tested it in Work Center, the form I created appeared as expected, but when I tried to submit it, it said I needed to provide an answer to the required field, which wasn't even on that form.  Did I do something wrong there?

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