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I am creating a new workflow and I need to set the owner of a few states to a role that we don't already have.  So I created a new role in Composer and set the owner to that new role.  In Administrator, I added users to that role.

I then published so I could test.  When the workflow got to the state, where it should list the owner, it says "(None)."  Is there some other step I missed?

On a related note, when I created the role in Composer, it created a field and placed it on the "quick form" and set it as a required field.  I didn't know it did that.  I set the workflow to use a form that I created and when I tested it in Work Center, the form I created appeared as expected, but when I tried to submit it, it said I needed to provide an answer to the required field, which wasn't even on that form.  Did I do something wrong there?

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  • The Print Operator field needs to be set to a value if it is used for ownership entering into a state.  If you look at your workflow, do you use the Print Operator as owner?  

    With in your workflow, think about what determines the value of Printer Operator.  Is it always just one user? Is it always any one in a group of users? Or at some point does just one user take over?  

    The rule is that the Print Operator can only be the owner if it has valid user selected for the state and the user can own items.

  • The Print Operator is usually one person.  How can I set that field to default to that person?  We don't want to have to manually set it during Submit.  Is there a better way to achieve this?  Here is a partial screenshot of the workflow:

    Thanks David.