Anyone Upgrade from to (MS SQL) yet?

I'm starting to plan my upgrade from to our DB is running on MS SQL 2k8. I'm just wondering if anyone has performed this upgrade? I'm assuming it's a straight upgrade path. This will be my first upgrade on SBM... So any insight is helpful.

To put that in perspective we went from TeamTrack 6.6.1 to Mashups, then to SBM in our last upgrade path (jumped a whole decade into the future -_-).
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    Hi Curtis,

    We went from to 10.1.5 on SQL 2008 and compared to your last upgrade, this one should be a breeze. Just follow the read me with the steps for a minor upgrade and all should be OK.

    A couple of important things to remember, take a copy of your databases and existing install location before you start just in case things dont go to plan, make sure that any customisations that you have made that you have copies of those as well (eg, have you modified any templates??), if you don't take a copy of your existing installation, then at least you have copies of any email templates (ie, for notifications).

    Good luck,
  • Hello Curtis,
    we upgraded from to 10.1.5 on SQL 2008 R2 in february 2015 and everything workes fine.
    Currently we are on without problems.
    I only had one problem with localized notification templates (we use german and english). The localized notification templates were empty after the upgrade from to 10.1.5.
    If you use localized notification templates, I would also recommend to take a copy of these before you start.
  • Thanks for the updates. We don't have any localized notifications. My biggest fear is jumping versions as I know depending on the scenarios you can run into some... "weirdness" :/