How might I copy a Contact table subrelationial field to the Submitter?

Some time ago, I tried and failed (twice) to create an appscript or javascript that would copy a Contact table subrelational field I called User Name (first last) to the Submitter field.

1) Submitter A submits Item A into Project A. The Submitter is captured by Contact Record subrelational field 'User Name' (first last).

1a) Other times, Submitter B submits Item A on behalf of User A. In this case, Submitter B selects User Name from its drop-down list.

2) User B submits Item B with a subtask transition) into Project B from Item A.

2a) Item A's Submitter is the appropriate owner of some states in Project B--not Item B's Submitter.

3) The goal is to change the submitter for Item B, therefore, to User Name, assuming it's always a match. Speaking of that, there must be a script way to obtain the correct Submitter name from the Contact record, so that I'm not scripting a mechanical copy.
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