Find Reports' doesn't display in IE Compatibility View

'Find Reports' doesn't display in IE Compatibility View unless, in Developer Tools (F12), Document Mode is changed from 'IE5 Quirks' to 'Quirks' (IE10) or Emulation is changed to 'Edge' (IE11). For the IE10 workaround, one presses F12, then Alt Q, then F12 again (to remove the Developer Tools screen). In IE11, one must click the Emulation tab and select the 'Edge' setting rather than use a key combination, because Microsoft has removed key combinations for Developer Tools.

In my company, it is deemed impractical to add sites individually to Compatibility View, so IE is installed on PC's with the global Intranet Compatibility View checked. Obviously, this would have to change, if one or more applications other than SBM were found to misbehave in Compatibility View. It is intriguing, though, that (aside from my lengthy multi-view Home Page report, which is not a problem because I don't use Compatibility View, and I could truncate it if needed) no screen or function in SBM has a problem except 'Find Reports'. So few SBM users even know about 'Find Reports', and fewer still would ever think of using it.

Does any genius out there know whether main.css or other script or entity could be changed to make 'Find Reports' behave like 'Search'--that is, for the page to be visible in IE Compatibility View (all disclaimers and caveats understood and accepted)?
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