SBM custom view for selection of multiple user values?

We have a dependent multi-user field dependent on a single selection field. I would like to replace that configuration as follows:

1) Remove the dependency.

2) Add a new independent field, either single selection or multi-selection. The new field should only be for reference, and will not be carried forward.

3) The multi-user field will be dependent on the new independent field.

4) The transitioner selects a value from the selection field, then selects one ore more values from the multi-user field.

5) The transitioner modifies the independent field value and selects from the multi-user field again, retaining the values just selected prior to the new selections.

The advantage of such a setup is that the transitioner can select from each department instead of guessing who is available from a master list.

Second-best, if successive selections are not practical, would be selecting multiple values if needed in the independent field, and then selecting values from the dependent field, from a combined list.

  • I should add that the reason for desiring the change is that selecting from the dependent multi-user field, dependent on one department, does not always provide the values needed; on the other hand, having no dependency means selecting from a master list of about 290 values.

  • I'm now leaning toward simply having the new independent field appear with the dependent field. The transitioner would select one or more values from the independent multi-selection field and select values from the dependent multi-user field. I assume selecting one at a time is impractical. If there is a simple way of selecting a value at a time, let me know; otherwise, I'll choose the practical method.

  • You can't use multi-anything as the Independent component of a field dependency relationship. Check the "Field Dependencies" table in Composer guide (p.226 in the PDF)

  • The question is answered:

    1) Independent fields may not be multi-user.

    2) It turns out that I can change the values in an independent single-selection field, select dependent multi-user field values (which are retained); then change the independent field value and select different dependent field values.