Accepting' a backlog item


Does anyone know of an alternate way of marking an item as 'accepted' into a backlog?

Currently the only way I can see is by using using the backlog view and dragging and dropping. However a few users have asked if there is another way to achieve this i.e. choose the backlog from a drop down field.

I think the TS_AGILE_ITEMS table holds the info on which backlog an item is assigned to and its status. Is there any way to manipulate this data outside of the backlog view? Maybe from the item state/transition form?

It will be interesting to get your thoughts on this! :)

  • There isn't any alternate way out-of-the-box to accept something into a Backlog. Here is a link to a blog post about creating a widget to display what backlogs an item is in, which gives you the ability to remove the item from a backlog, so perhaps you could look at what they is doing and try to reverse engineer it.

    Of course you not only need to consider accepting an item into the backlog, but where in the backlog will the item be placed (which will mean re-organising all the other items in the Backlog). Seems like a lot of work.