How can I make an external event invoke a transition?


One of my projects referees many installation processes. I would like to automate the indication of the installation. Somehow I would like to have the installation call out to SBM, pass it the project and item number along two field values, and have it execute a transition.

Somehow the sender will have to know the item id of the record I need transitioned.

Would it be possible for an item to be transitioned remotely? Perhaps using web services or an orchestration?

Is this possible and what is the best way to proceed?


  • I think SBM will need to include the Transition ID, Item ID and Table ID of the item with the command that fires off the installation. Once the installation hits the point where it can transition the item is SBM, it (the "sender / installation") will need to connect to SBM, get a token and invoke the transition on the item. There are several ways to do that, but it all really boils down to "what is the sender / installation capable of?".