Is there a way to change the type of a field?

I would like to change a Single Selection field to a Single Relational field in a deployed Mashup.

Has anyone ever updated the ts_fields table (and dependencies) to make this type of change? Is there a supported method for doing this?

  • Thanks Mike,

    We're running Serena Business Mashups 2009 R1.03.

    I agree that deleting and creating a new field would be a better solution, but the customer relies on reports against the database and hoped the values stored would be similar/identical.

    It sounds like it would be more work than it's worth.

    Here's Serena's response: It is not currently possible to change a field type after deployment.

    There is an enhancement in [ENH148745], requesting that this functionality be added, and it is linked to this case so that you can be notified as the feature is added in a future release.

    You can currently delete the field you have added, and add the one you intended.

  • RE: "the customer relies on reports against the database"... it might be helpful to explain to the customer that the effort involved in modifying their database queries will almost certainly be less than the effort to alter the database columns, adjust the back-end configuration, figure out what to do with change history, and deal with any problems that arise.

  • I was able to via access find and replace the column in the users reports from the deleted field to the new field. and then re-start IIS. then the users didn't notice any change.

  • It's teh TS_columns in teh TS reprots table. you'd have to get the ts_id from the ts_fields table to know what number you are changing from / to.