How do I debug a notification that runs a web service?

I am running a notification on state change, that executes a web service. I have tested the soap envelope in a program called SOAPUI, and also set up an orchestration in Composer that run properly.

However when I move my task to the next state, which kicks off the escalation/web service, the field I have mapped as output never gets set.

How do I verify that the escalation is running?

How do I debug the web service call?

Any help is appreciated!

  • To verify that an escalation is running, top 2 techniques would be to look at the ttmail.log (C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Application Engine\Log), the log file will contain references to notifications and escalations that have been processed. Note that you might have to wait a minute or two for the item to show up in the log.

    Second would be watching the TS_NOTIFICATIONEVENTS table will also let you see if the item is in the queue to be processed. Note items in this table are going to appear and disappear pretty quickly so keep refreshing.

    Regarding the WS call. If you are concerned about the service being called in the first place. If the call is being place serverside (appscript, orchestration, etc), the I would suggest netmon by microsoft (free). Set a filter to the ip addresses of the source and destination, and then start the service, perform your actions that should call the WS and stop the netmon service. Brose the log looking for your request.

    If it is client side (via ajax, javascript, etc), then you can use Fiddler as proxy to capture all traffic and see the WS being invoked and the information being passed along to the service, and the return information. Or nothing if the process is not working properly.

    SBM Log files, netmon, fiddler and logging within the web service itself are a nice set of tools to figure out what is going on with a wide variety of communication problems.

    Using SOAPUI, you can initially ensure that the service works and is responding as you expect.