SBM orchestrations limited to SOAP web services

The inability for SBM to call REST web services is really a major limiter. We are trying to interface with several other third parties (including Rally) and most modern web services are RESTful. It's very annoying and disturbing to have this SOAP limitation.

  • I understand your frustration. Please submit a case with Serena Support to enhance orchestrations to call REST web services. This will allow us to better track the needs of our customers.

    Along with your description ask to be linked to enhancement request ENH217378.



  • We have worked around a similar problem by putting a gateway service in front of any services that have a problem like this.

    Create a simple soap service that reformats the data the, say, RESTful service needs, make the call from the gateway and stuff the return data in an XML document (or node within). Tada, you are done.

    This also works for cross-domain ajax problems among other things.

  • Yeah, our current workaround (which might seem like overkill, but it's also based upon the resources I have) is to do this:

    1) Have SBM run an AppScript when we need to run the webservice

    2) The AppScript calls a PowerShell on the SBM server that kicks off a SC Orchestrator runbook on our SCOrch server.

    3) The SCOrch runbook calls the REST service using whatever parameters were passed from the appscript.