Importing from Tracker

I need some guidance with importing data from Tracker. The problem I cant seem to get rid of, is some fields showing up with the word (Deleted) as part of the values. I've had to modify the mappings several times and I have removed the rows from TS_XREF table. but for some reason I cant figure out how to sync the Unique Identifers to point to correctly. Please Help...



  • Here is what you could do but providing Tracker database is not "alive" (not in use anymore). I assume all those values that show up with word (Deleted) are values from Tracker choice-type field that have been deleted. Since they are not really deleted from database but rather flagged as deleted, you can recover them in one of two ways:
    1) add that same value to the Tracker choice field using Tracker Administrator (make sure spelling is correct). That will not add a new value but rather "re-activate" previously deleted value
    2) make change directly in Tracker database. Table "trkch", look for value in column "chlabel" and update "chflags" column to "0"
    After that, those values will not, of course, appear in SBM import from Tracker as (Deleted).
    The only drawback I can see is if Tracker users are still using Tracker to update(not just read-only) data. In that case, those undeleted values will be available for setting the choice-type field.
    I just might add that I tested this scenario with Tracker 7.5
    I would appreciate if someone from Serena can give better (supported) method.

  • are you using the TeamTrack Tracker import tool. If the items are coming in as (Deleted) you may just be able to correct the selections values once those items have been imported over to TeamTrack. This will just help with the headache of dealing with Tracker all together.