Post SBM installation, Configurator Load trouble

How do I resolve post SBM installation, that configurator requires restart, even after system has been restarted?

The behavior is that with a fresh install of SBM on a virtual Windows 2008 server, Configurator requires a restart. After restarting the system, and attempting to open Configurator, the same message appears, and Configurator fails to load, and the installation cannot be completed.

The message exactly is: "You must restart this machine before running the Configurator!"

  • I received this solution from support:

    "You must restart this machine before running the Configurator!" is returned if and only

    if the registry value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce\R30_CU exists and is not empty

    So if you clear the value here, you should be able to launch the configurator.

  • Hello Zane,

    This is a change to the registry that should only be made on Windows 2003. Our installer attempts the change in all cases and while this is a known hole we have never classified it as a bug because according to Microsoft documentation and in all of our testing this change cannot be made on Windows 2008 or any Windows OS post-Windows 2003. Still, now that we know a customer has run into this problem we will work to fix this in future releases. Sorry for any inconvenience and frustration this caused you.


    Brent Johnson

    SBM Installer Developer