Use State "End User Help" in Notification

Dear All

We use the End User Help for a state to describe the tasks for the owner of a state. I would like to include the content of the End User Help for the current state into the template of a notification. Any clever idea how to do this? Is there a notification tag for this purpose (which i missed in the online help)? Something like $FIELD(STATATEENDUSERHELP)?

The only way how to do this, seems to be this:
1. Create a memo field for the primary item "state end user help".
2. Create app/modscript which copyies the value of TS_DESCRIPTIONS (which seems to contain the end user help) of TS_STATES system table into the newly created memo field of the primary item.
3. Execute the script for every state-changing transition in the workflow.

However, this doesn't seem to be a very smart solution....

Any other idea?

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