Process question - What does "Closed" mean?

Discussion posted 3/17/10 by Paul Thompson

I have a customer who wants a "Closed" state to be "INACTIVE" but they still want to be able to update fields, add

  • Comment posted 3/17/10 by mtcarver

    Well "Closed" to us means the item is done. We don't expect any changes to it - not always the case but generally speaking that's the expectation. In most of our workflows the Submitter of the item closes it. The concept being that the person that reported an issue is also the one that states it's been resolved.
    Of course not all our workflows follow the submitter closed, it really depends on the type of solution we have built, but then I'm speaking generally anyway.

  • Comment posted 3/17/10 by Clyde Vasey

    Interesting questions posed as I sometimes battle with a user group who is requesting a Mashup. When I use a CLOSED state, the state is inactive. In most cases, due to the nature of our business, a Quality Representative is the last person to review a record and ultimately close it. That is because they are the ones who stand the audit and answer questions and provide justification for the field, process flow, etc.
    I have had an exception from time to time when I have a requirement to allow data to be added to a CLOSED record. I create a transition that returns the record to the initial state and call the transition, Addendum. The users are able to provide additional information that was made available after the record closed. I have an Addendum counter to document how many times a record is reopened for updates. This seems to satisfy our users who need such an update. One final point, when you use a STATE that is inactive, Mashups automatically sets the CLOSE DATE in the list of system fields. If your CLOSED state is active, this date is not automatically set.

  • Comment posted 3/17/10 by scoope

    We have the same issue. All of our 'Closed' states are inactive but we have some managers/QA people who want to be able to update them after the fact. I disagree with this as well but we allow them and all fields are in the 'Advanced' section (named "manager" here) so only they have access to the fields. As to who can close it depends on the type of workflow. QA type of workflows it's the QA managers. For Service Requests, it's the control board. For our R

  • Comment posted 3/17/10 by EthanG

    This is an interesting question Paul. But for me, and the prevaling customer logic I see, closed/inactive means just that no more access to the item as it has already passed through your workflow process and is complete. If someone really needed to reopen items in this "closed" state I would only give that acces to a select group of users.
    The extra credit part really is subjective and depends on your organiztional needs. I dont really see a hard and fast answer for this part. Whatever works.