How single relation field works???

Question posted 6/29/10 by Vladimir Valouch

I wonder if anyone can tell me how single relational field works? How can I set up relation to different column? Which table in the DB actually stores the information about relationship between newly created field(int--> ts_id of the destination row) and other field in the db(e.g.:VARCHAR)?
Maybe I'm blind or I'm just constantly skipping important information in the Serena Business mashups documentation..... Please if it's described in any document then please let me know the link.
br, Vladimir
(btw. I'm using SBM 2008R2)

  • Comment posted 6/29/10 by Olivier Salmon

    Hi Vladimir,
    You should download the schema documentation; it's probably explained in details in it.
    And on top of my head, values are stored in relational fields in the followings format: ,ts_id, (for example ,1,255,266,)

  • Comment posted 6/29/10 by Vladimir Valouch

    The reason why I'm asking about where it was stored is that it happened to me that eventhough I tried to truncate data directly from DB. I changed the value in the TS_LASTIDS. I also refreshed the cache(later also restarted AE). The point is that the removed data were still available. Why?

  • Comment posted 7/1/10 by Paul Thompson

    I'm not sure if this is what you want, but try searching Composer or Admin Guide for "value display format".

  • Comment posted 7/2/10 by Michael Stevens

    Vladimir, you seem to be referring to two types as 'single-relational.' The single relational field (note the DB NAME for the field on that field) is the field that stores the TS_ID of the foreign table. Subsequent to that, the real information that is pulled from the foreign table is pulled using sub-relational fields which (in the field properties) have you specify the relational field which is where you set the single-relational that you have set up.
    This means that your record for ticket A which uses information from the contacts table will have one field which refers to the TSID of the record in the Contacts table. Then, you may have other fields in the ticket which are sub-relational and show information from that record in the Contacts table. This information is NOT stored in the ticket A record which means it may change as the foreign record is updated.
    Hope this helps.