Stopping transition on special cases

Question posted 4/23/08 by Simon
I have small problem. In some of the transition we check if user executing transition is an assigned owner or is member of group that has privileges to execute transition any time (managers). We do have permission groups for people so 20 users can be assigned as a validator and they could execute validation transition. Problem is we don't want to let any user from validator group to validate record. We want to have only mangers and owner for that state to be able execute transition.
I have script that checks if user is owner or from manager's group. Now i ran out into problem: with Shell.RedoMessage my transition stops in middle and it allows user to change owner of the state. This was set up for owner to be able to re-assign ticket to some other user.
I tried both pre- and post- transitions scripts to stop unauthorised users from completing transition, but in each case i could change owner to current user and complete transition. What i needs is command or mechanism that in case of unauthorised attempt will stop transition from execution and won't let change owners.
I was thinking about making field Read Only in that transition, but then original owner would not be able to re-assign if needed.
ABB Inc.
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