How do you find the corresponding Script name from Blueprint script tsc?

Hi all,
I have difficultles in finding my script name from the Exported Blueprint script
e.g. scripte9140fe3-4725-4e41-8a40-2fceb5292eb.tsc

and getting the ID..........dd Script name which is in the SBM

How can i find the corresponding script name from the exported script filename?

  • Verified Answer

    I'm assuming you're talking about the unzipped .msd or .mss file when you're referring to the .tsc files? There should be a file called definition.xml that if you open that in notepad and search for the .tsc file name will show you the corresponding script name in a section called scriptlist.
  • SQL:

    -- List AppScripts
    tsc.ts_Id As [Id] ,
    Cast(tsc.ts_Name as VarChar(32)) As [Name] ,
    tsc.ts_AuthorId As [AuthorId] ,
    WHen tsc.ts_AuthorId > 0 Then (Select usr.ts_Name From ts_Users usr Where tsc.ts_AuthorId=usr.ts_Id)
    Else ''
    End as VarChar(48)
    ) as [Author] ,
    -- I think SBM now stores all Scripts as Blobs
    -- Cast(IsNull(tsc.ts_MacroStr,'') as VarChar(32)) As [MacroStr] ,
    -- Cast(IsNull(tsc.ts_Filename,'') as VarChar(32)) As [Filename] ,
    tsc.ts_BlobId As [BlobId] ,
    Cast(tsc.ts_UUID as VarChar(38)) As [UUID] ,
    tsc.ts_SolutionId As [SolutionId] ,
    WHen tsc.ts_SolutionId > 0 Then (Select sol.ts_Name From ts_Solutions sol Where tsc.ts_SolutionId=sol.ts_Id)
    WHen tsc.ts_SolutionId = 0 Then '[Global]'
    Else ''
    End as VarChar(32)
    ) as [Solution Name]
    ts_Macros tsc
    Order By
    [Solution Name] , [Name]