Has anyone switched from attachments in the Db to a file system?

Question posted 4/28/08 by scoope
We currently have attachments going to our Db and want to extract them to a file system. We want to verify that all of the attachments were actually extracted. I tried it on our QA server. I did a count query of the ts_attachments table for ts_type = 16 before the change. I have about 1000 less records in my new directory after the change. Support says they do not have a way to verify that the extract got everything. Has anyone else done this and verified that it worked? Is my query on the ts_attachments wrong?

  • Comment posted 4/30/08 by scoope
    No, I'm talking about extracting the attachments from our database where they are currently stored, into a file directory such as teamtrack\attachments. Currently our attachments are in our database and there is an option on the Settings->Attachments folder to store attachments on the file system. When I click on that I need to know exactly which attachment types it is extracting from the database so I can verify the count vs how many I have in the file when done.

  • Comment posted 4/29/08 by Philip Nawrocki
    We moved our attachments from one drive to another, is that what you mean?
    As long as you copy all the files over and then map to the right directory, you should be ok. We moved all our attachments, and there were many, and have not had any issues. We did this about 6 months ago.