Can I import a workflow from TT 6.6.1 into SBMS 2008R2?

Question posted 7/31/08 by Janet Kaufman

I was wondering - I have 2008R2 installed on a development machine. It was a clean install (more or less ;-) ). I want to bring in my current workflows from TT 6.6.1 from my "production" box. Can I do that - i.e., through an export/import or something?
I searched the user docs but was unable to find anything. If there is something already written on this, just point me in the direction and I'll look it up! Thanks.

  • Comment posted 7/31/08 by Brian Rosenberger

    Hi Janet, yes you can. There is an extra guide "Moving to SBM" available as download from the support website. Basically you can just connect the "new" Mashup Administrator" to your "old" database [on a copy!]. The upgrade will be done automatically.

  • Comment posted 7/31/08 by Bryan Tippens

    Confirming what Brian said...I did an upgrade from 6.6.1
    There are few steps that have to be done beyond a simple copy, such as running the unicode upgrade utility, etc. You'll defenitely want to have good backups before you begin and use a copy of your database only. The pros of version 7 outweigh the cons for sure once you get through it.

  • Comment posted 8/4/08 by Janet Kaufman

    Thanks gents, I appreciate the information. But I'm not sure that is what I want - I don't want to change my existing TT 6.6.1 install - I want to copy to my development environ and then upgrade.
    So should I basically just copy the database in SQL from one machine to another?
    And then do as Brian indicates?
    Thanks for your help.

  • Comment posted 8/4/08 by Maciej Chodzko-Zajko

    Janet, the answer, as usual, is "it depends ..." - mainly on exactly what you want to do with this upgraded database once you have it in an SBM environment. If you just plan to have a look around and play with things and are prepared then to throw that all away when you convert Production, then yes, you can do this, but you do need to read the "Moving to SBMS" manual - as there are additional steps that may be required (The Unicode Upgrade Utility for one, changing charsets and so on). You will NOT be able to upgrade this copy now and then use it as a base for a later upgrade of the Production system. The reasons for this are explained in some detail in the "Moving to SBMS" manual and I would strongly recommend reading that before you start anything. The most important chapters (if you do not plan to read the whole manual) are 1 to 3 - those are absolutely required for everyone. I believe that when you have read those you will be better-placed to know how you want to approach this. If having read those, you are still unsure, then I suggest you call in to Support and talk this through with someone - we do not want you going down the wrong route now and then potentially losing months of work later.

  • Comment posted 8/4/08 by Janet Kaufman

    Thanks Maciej.
    I really must go searching for "Moving to SBMS" - I thought I had read that one but I'll go look again.
    Indeed, what I want to do is take what I have in 6.6.1 and just go forward.
    I was planning on "wiping" the production environment after I got everything right on the development environment and then promoting to a newly-installed production environment.
    I will definitely go find that document and (re) read it ;-).
    Thanks one and all.

  • Comment posted 8/4/08 by Maciej Chodzko-Zajko

    Janet, unless you were planning to "lose" (get rid of) all your items in the current Production system (possible, but unlikely), then you will need to re-think after reading that book. Sorry ...

  • Comment posted 8/12/08 by Francis Long

    I have an idea.
    Install a clean SMB test environment-->upgrade TT from production env-->Extract the mashup/workflow you want to reuse-->Import the mashup into your new SMB prod environment.
    Of course, you lost all your item data. But still can import them from TT6 if you want by using "Import" tool menu.

  • Comment posted 8/4/08 by Janet Kaufman

    Hmm, not really what I had planned. Actually, I have one solution that I want to keep the records, but in the other solution, they are all dummy records anyway so I don't care. This looks like an interesting issue.
    Well, thanks much. I did find the doc and I am reading it now. I have such a stack of docs I can't really say that I read it (but thought I did ;-)).
    Thanks for your help!