Changing available users in multi-user selection field based on multi-selection field?


In our workflow, we have a multi-selection field called Discipline, and a multi-user field called Assigned To.

In the discipline field, selections include software, electrical, mechanical, etc.

I was wondering if it is possible to filter the users in the Assigned To field based on their roles, depending on which disciplines are chosen.

Thank you
  • Hi Ilia,

    You should be able to this through the Administrator under the Projects section.

    Prior to heading there, you need to be sure your selection field, Discipline has all the user fields you wish to utilize, set to be dependent upon on it. This can be done in Composer.

    When your done, head over to the Web Administrator under Projects. There, you need to pick the Discipline field under Default Fields and click the Dependencies tab.

    In the Select Value to Override field choose a value, select the respective user field in the list of Fields dependent upon Discipline and, simply add/remove a checkbox of every 'Members Of' group you wish to see appear for this respective value.

    Repeat the action for every value in the selection field until you mapped each respective group to one. Once your done, save, and test it out! Each value of the selection field, Discipline should only bring up members of the group mapped from the administrator -- I'm assuming you already have roles assigned to each group.

    Hope this helps!