Relating subtasks and parents using multi relational field

i am working with SBM composer, and trying to use multi relational field to check the states of sibling subtasks. I have two relational fields in same primary table, "parent task" which is a single field, "subtask" which is multirelational. In my workflow I have used post options to copy the id of created subtask item in the 'subtask' field of the parent item, and id of the parent item in the 'parent task' field of the new item. However, since both items are using the same form, they both have 'subtasks field' in their respective forms. When I create a second and a third subtask the existing field from the parent task gets carried over in this field. This ends up relating the sibling subtasks as parent and child of each other causing confusion using triggers. Hopefully, if someone can comprehend this issue and provide a solution I would really appreciate it.
P.S. I am trying to transition the parent task upon the subtasks reaching a common state etc using triggers.
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