[Micro Focus] Discovering SBM - Scheduling Automated Tasks

Hi All!

We're restarting the Discovering SBM webinar series here in 2019. Our first webinar of the year will be "Scheduling Automated Tasks".

When coordinating processes between multiple systems, we need to keep monitoring those other systems in order to respond to signals that might impact the process. With the SBM Scheduler introduced in 11.4, you are now able to set up those recurring monitoring efforts within the platform. These monitoring efforts can be designed with Orchestrations, ModScripts, send emails, or trigger other web services.

Join us as we go through the Scheduler’s capabilities and demonstrate each one of these actions.

Wednesday, March 6th
7:00am Pacific TIme

Registration URL: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6102270137422039043
Webinar ID: 738-220-283