Most efficient way to post to Problem and Resolution tables

I wish to enable users to post to both the Problems and Resolutions tables in one action, using a "Add this item to the Knowledgebase" checkbox that serves as a condition for a transition action.  After reading an old Composer Guide, because Help in Composer 11.8 yielded only an Internet search, and because I need to search for my notes on where to find documentation on the Support site, my questions are:

1) Can one transition post to both the Problem and Resolution tables, mapping the Title and Description fields to the Problems table, and the Resolution Description field to the Solutions table?

       a) Are any of those mappings automatic, so that I don't need to select them in Post Actions?

       b) What are the pros and cons of using a Publish transition versus a Post transition?  Will I need two transitions (one for each table), or one?

2) I figure it should be possible to create an Add to Knowledgebase quick transition I can run against multiple active and inactive items I've selected in a report (mass edit, in other words).  Please confirm.

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    Unfortunately with the new and improved capabilities in the SRC (Service Request Center) that superseded this old functionality, the mapping to the Resolutions table does not work.  The publish transition should have taken the title and description and pasted to the Problems (which works) then map the system Resolution Summary and Resolution Description fields to the Resolutions table.  The second part does not work.  When we released the SRC interface, it included a knowledge base with superior search capabilities and a workflow that better supports the publishing process.

    That being said if you want to use the Problems and Resolutions tables, your best bet is to create an orchestration that creates the Problems and Resolutions table entries and then you can map whatever fields you want from your original record.  Implementing with the orchestration then results in the user experience being just like they were clicking a regular transition where you could present the fields for review that would be mapped to the Problems and Resolutions tables, the user clicks OK and then the records are created.

    It is a very simple orchestration that will not take long to implement.  You just need to "CreateAuxItem" web service calls.  If you want to add fields to the Problems or Resolutions tables, they are stored in the Global Process Application.