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Backup folder created during SBM upgrade

I noticed that after each SBM upgrade on the server, under \\Program Files\Micro Focus\SBM a backup folder was created with a name started as "Backup-MDYYYY-xxxxxx". Is it ok to remove those backup folders to save space and to avoid security issues as they contain the old log4j file?  

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    Hi, that folder is created to backup key folders in which customizations are more likely. Examples include HTML templates, email templates, online help and sometimes special integrations. In the event that customizations had been made, then you can compare the backup copy to the latest copy and merge back in changes as needed. And if you did make changes to the latest copy, you would need to use the SBM System Administrator to Put Files in Database. 

    If you do not have any need for the backups any longer, then you can delete them. 

  • Thank you so much for your clarification. I just want to make sure it's ok to delete them.

  • We actually ran into a related challenge when applying the fix for CVE-2021-44228.  After applying the patch for the CVE as per the MicroFocus KB, the cyber-security group's scanner was still failing.  It wasn't until we could get a list of *what* failed that we found that the backup directory still had the vulnerable files.  We zipped the backup directory and moved it to long term storage.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience.