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Add a role privilege for submitting agent like submitter

Can we add a privilege to the roles for submitting agent. Just like we have for submitter, owner and secondary owner....

We have a few applications where we use a role for submitter to only view items they submitted. We are now using submit on behalf of, but since submitter is changed to the person who is submitted on behalf of, the submitting agent will no longer be able to view the submission.

This can be an enhancement request. I'm working around it with scripts to add the user to a group and give secondary ownership, but this is painful.

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    You can add as many roles as you need in Composer. So, today you have Role for "submitter" that only has "view if submitter" privileges. You can create another role called "Submitter Agent" and give that role "view all items". Assuming all the agents are members of the same group, you can give this new role to the group.

    That would be my initial thought

  • Hi Vickie,

    Problem is these users should not view all items. They can only view what they submitted or submitted on behalf of others. The users are all part of the same group. It could be one person is on a customer site and submitting it on behalf of another support engineer.

    Having a checkbox in the privileges role section would be the easiest. I'm looking at contact too. something David brought up, but I still think adding it to the privileges would be great.



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    Yes, that does make it harder. 

    It sounds like you were right the first time, this is really an enhancement request. To get an enh on the list, you have to post it to the "Idea Exchange" here:   That's where the product managers go to find ideas as they plan future releases. In there, others can "vote" for your idea too. This helps figure out which ideas are most popular if there is a common theme amount ideas. while you are there, be sure to look through the ideas and vote for some others that you like too.

  • I looked and search if anyone had submitted as an idea this last night. I couldn't find anything related to it. I will move it over. Slight smile thanks for looking at it.

    Take care!