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Upgraded to SBM 12, having autopass issues, switched to Eval License to get up and running... Can I come back to eval if I test autopass?


I've had issues getting my Test system upgraded from 11.7.1 to SBM 12. 

Upgraded my test system and ended up with  autopass running on eval. Still had issues and had to do a reinstall, that blew away the eval license. Not a problem, it was my test/development server. 

Now I've upgraded Production and installed Autopass on the same server. Things went better but it was not flawless. I was forced to use the eval license. I'm working with support and I have a few ideas as to the cause of the problem. I think I am using the wrong type of license, an external license when I should be using a concurrent license. 

So, what will happen when I try a new uploaded license and switch off of the eval license? Once I leave the eval license will it let me back in if I still have concurrent license issues? 

SBM runs off of piv and it also authenticates Dimensions CM, so, if I screw it up in Prod 300+ people could be sitting on their hands. I can't have an outage. 

Is the eval a one shot deal or can you come back to it in the configurator? 


Will Powell