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Add a tag for Notifications that will provide a description of the Notification Rule

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3 months ago

Add a tag like "$RULE_DESCRIPTION()" to the Notification Engine that will include a textual description of the Rule used by the Notification.  For example, given the following rule (screenshot included):

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The tag would insert lines:

State Changes From "New"
AND Transition is "Test Notif Rules"
AND State Changes To "Decision 1/2"
AND State Changes to "Decision 2/2"
AND State changes to "Review"
  • To the later point, you could probably whip up a small modscript to be run in url context to act as a server log reader - I could imagine passing in the file name in the url and the file being read and shown back in the browser.

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    Is this for admins?  Where/how would it be used?

    Yes, I see this as a diagnostic/debugging tool.  I would like to know "how" a complex Notification Rule was satisfied.

    So the diagnostic info shown should be only the Rule clauses that were evaluated and the results of each evaluation.

    As diagnostic info, I guess it could be printed to a log, like the ns.log file.  And while we're at it, I'd like an alternative to "ns.log" that doesn't require RDP access to the server which, for our Production environment, is highly restricted.



  • Is this for admins?  Where/how would it be used?

  • And yes, I know this Rule won't work.  This is an example only.