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Change Default Privilege Category for Reports

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10 months ago
Change Default Privilege Category for Reports
  • Have your DB admin run the following SQL.  It will set the access level of all existing "Private" reports to "Guest".  Any new reports will still be set to the access level specified (or not specified) by the user creating the report.

    Update ts_Reports Set ts_Access=2 Where ts_Access<2 ;


  • Good idea! I've seen this problem before. The default for reports is to be "Private". If you share most (or all) of your reports, it can be easy to miss changing the report to something else. Then, when you send a link to the report to other users, they can't open the report.

  • Accidentally clicked "Post" with an empty body.

    In any case, the idea is simple- I want to be able to set the default privilege category for my SBM installation to "User". My organization does not heavily segregate content in SBM by 'privilege category', and the existing report privilege categories (for 11.4.2, the version on which we currently are stuck until we adapt training and business processes for Work Center) are not robust anyway, but users are frequently confused when they "share" a report and the recipient cannot execute the report.

    Alternatively- make "sharing" of reports less UI intensive. Users should automatically get their own copies of reports, to which they have any required privileges, without users *needing* to understand privilege categories, share report URLs, etc.