Idea ID: 2870695

Composer: Enable global override of field section privilege in states and transitions

Status : Waiting for Votes

When field section privilege is changed in a workflow, the field position does not change in states and transitions hat have override checked.  Create a function to change the field section in all states and transitions within the workflow.  Bonus points if the field can be positioned after a specified field, similar to adding a field to custom forms in Data Design.


  •  Well, I'm not sure exactly what you mean by override inheritance option.  I just know that because most of my transitions and states have Override checked, I must change the sections in which fields appear transition by transition and state by state.  So I would like to be able to override individual transition and state field section assignments in one action.  And yes, I mean the section (Advanced, User, etc.) where the field appears in default forms.  I too increasingly use custom forms, especially since I learned to use one master state and one master transition form for new workflows; but for our existing workflows, every state and transition has its own custom form.  Of course, with custom forms, field section assignment in the state or transition is irrelevant, with two vital exceptions: Not Used and Hidden.  So to modify existing assignments, especially when they vary from one transition or state to another, I really could use an override function.

  • So you want an "over-ride inheritance" option when changing fld privilege section?  And by "changing position" do you mean where field appears in default forms?  FWIW, the only place we don't use custom forms is on an "Admin Update" transition which we always implement to replace the built-in "Update" which has too many limitations.