Idea ID: 2839357

Configurable sorting options for reports

Status : Already Offered
7 months ago

In the SBM Workcenter view (at least in SBM 11.4.2), a user can click the "Reports" category in the sidebar, and the "Recent Reports" and "My Reports" categories are sorted by "most recently run", and no option exists to manipulate the sorting of these reports. If a user needs to access a report which is not "recent", he/she has to either search for it (which requires that there be no misspellings or typos, which for a project manager with many projects might not be easy to figure out) or go through the list one by one until the desired report is reached.

While the "search" option is good, there is plenty of UI whitespace for the implementation of a "Sort by..." dropdown configuration. This could help PMs and QA persons who may have to run reports on a wide variety of different projects at different times.

  •  in SBM version 11.4.2 (what my organization is using), the "Refined by" pane allows me to filter the list of reports, but there is no obvious mechanism to sort the list. Is such a mechanism present in later versions of SBM?

  • Reports (and Recent Reports) both have a "Refined by" pane next to the reports listing.  This Refined by ability enables you to refine your search. 

  • The "search" only needs part of the report name or comment.  For example the search string "SL ager my" will find a report titled "My Bonus Report" that has "Managers / SLs" somewhere in the description.