Idea ID: 2871236

EWS (Exchange Web services) with OAuth2 and Graph api support for connecting to Office 365 Echange online

Status : Under Consideration

We have a Microsoft Office 365 – Exchange Online tenant and on-premise SBM


Our objective is to move the mailboxes used by SBM to this Exchange Online tenant.

Corporate policy states that basic authentication, POP3 and IMAP4 is not allowed in the Microsoft Office 365 – Exchange Online tenant.

So we can only use OAuth 2.0 in combination with EWS or the GraphAPI.

SBM on-premise does not support this. So we are stuck and can not continue with SBM. I expect more customers have this problem. Pop3/imap are legacy and also EWS is almost legacy so Graph api is the way to go.

So our request is that SBM on-premise will support EWS/OAuth2 and/or Graph Api/OAuth2 in future release


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