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Implement drag and drop attaching of files

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

Drag and drop is an accepted and widely used method of attaching files within web-based interfaces. SBM should allow drag and dropping a file on to an item's form to perform the "Add Attachment" function that is right now only available through the Actions button.

On Transition Forms, this could be handled in such a way that dragging a file on to the form will attach the file to the item but a File field would have a designated area that a file could be dragged to, enabling drag and drop for File fields.

When a file is dragged, a modal dialog  should display prompting the user for the options that we provide on the existing file attachment UI such as Attachment Name, Restricted / Unrestricted, etc.

This would improve accessibility with some users having challenges clicking buttons to navigate tools as well as improve the usability and removing button clicks.

  •  given our findings and clarification here should we then still consider this Idea for votes with the scope being Drag and Drop capability onto the Add File dialog?

  • Thank you  , very helpful.  Makes sense now that I realize it has nothing to do with the dialog and instead just dragging onto the field control area during transition.  So I can confirm drag and drop works in this very limited scenario.  Adding this capability to the Add File dialog would certainly bring SBM on par with what our users are seeing on some of our other platforms.

    Thank you all!

  • Hi Derek, in short - yes. Although you can confirm officially through support. Here are screen shots from 11.7.1 of before as I am about to drop the file and after I dropped it on the field.

    It may be hard to see, but the region under the mouse should highlight the value side of the File field in grey before the drop.



  • Thank you  .  So we are saying this drag/drop behavior is only part of the dialog presented with the new File field type and not the other Add File dialogs whether via the Action drop down or similar?  In a sandbox we have for 11.7.1 my testing to add a field of File type shows that field on form with and Add File hyperlink.  When I tested this Add File dialog behaves the same for me as the Add File from Actions drop down.  The only difference is the check box options.  

    In both cases when I drag a file to that dialog I see the '+Copy' icon when my drag hovers.  However letting go simply opens up that file in new browser tab with full local file path displayed in browser URL

  • I think Dave was specifically speaking about the dialogs which support the new File field type. In that scenario, during a transition, you can drag a file over the field and it will attach. File fields were added in 11.2. I assume the drag drop for them was the same time, but could have been later.