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Notify the System Administrator of critical tasks such as expiring SSO certificate

Status : Under Consideration
over 2 years ago

Notify the System Administrator of critical tasks such as expiration of certificate or sub-components of SBM not available

SBM Single Sign On authentication was used to allow multiple products like Dimensions RM, Dimensions CM and Deployment Automation to provide single sign on service.  However, when the SBM SSO certificate expired, the users are unable to access multiple systems creating Priority 1 incidents for the System Administrator.

Currently, the only option is for the System Administrator to run the SBM Configurator and do a static Diagnostic.  A more seamless approach is to notify the System Administrator at least 2 weeks , 1 month or 2 months before the certificate expired. 

Beside the expiration of certificate, there are other critical tasks which the System Administrator needs to take immediate action.  Eg, the web server is not available, the application server is not available, the connection to the notification server/email server is not working.  Similarly, the System Administrator would need an email alert to take immediate action