Idea ID: 2739432

Support for the unique display of user field values (distinguishing users with same name)

Status : Delivered
over 3 years ago

The SBM User fields currently use the SBM User accounts' "Name" field for search and display purposes in Single User and Multi-User Fields. In large organizations, it is common for multiple people to share the same name. In cases where the data comes into SBM via LDAP imports, there is no way to maintain a unique display name for each user unless it is stored in LDAP.

Ideally, there would be some way to have SBM control how it renders the user in the user field value lists (in at least forms and report contexts). Possible approaches could include a VDF (Value Display Format) type of mechanism that allows the mapping of different LDAP attributes (aka User, Contact and Resource attributes) into the value displayed for the user fields. Additional options for forms could include a hover over action that shows additional attributes (such as simple hover text or a contact card) which may be too large to show within the value list directly.

In our use case, we would like to have at least the business unit displayed in addition to the users name to help make the value distinct.

Ideally, the exposed values would also factor into the search results. Or better yet, allow the search to search against the other User, Contact, and Resource fields).