Idea ID: 2737421

Trend reports using an arbitrary date field

Status : Delivered
over 6 years ago

While submit date works for many cases, it doesn't work in all scenarios where other date fields like close date or a user created field might fit better. Reports like tasks completed in a specific month would become possible. An arbitrary data field would remove all restrictions from the functionality.

  • After reviewing with the team, we agree that implementing the first part of request, i.e. have ability to specify different date field to use instead of 'submit date'. That said, the broader request - i.e. add date fields to drop-down lists for selection of 1st/2nd fields - could lead to difficulties in presentation. In general, a trend report is supposed to have (relatively) limited number of values on the left (/rows) with unlimited time-line going to the right. Having a large vertical scale with the same long array of numbers/dates as for horizontal firstly may not make sense, and secondly could cause some memory/performance issues with the browser. I will reopen the request for the original idea and we'll consider it for a 1HCY'17 release of SBM.
  • Exactly what I'm looking for!
  • As discussed on ichange, I think this is very hard to implement via advanced reporting. The problem is that the results of advanced reporting cannot be used in trend reports. Create an advanced report whose result is displaying a trend in a distribution report is very hard (and quite inconvenient, since the modifying the date range or the grouping (week/ day) would imply modifying the xml on the server side). So IMO, it is inaccurate to consider this addressed. If you consider there is enough demand to address it, you could either enable trend reports on auxiliary tables (therefore being able to use the result of an advanced report to trend on), or make the user able to choose the date field in the trend report.
  • After review, we believe that this idea will be possible using the Advanced Reporting capability being introduced in SBM 11.0. I'll put this feature "Under Consideration" to show it's targeted for that release. SBM 11.0 is estimated to release by the end of the year, likely by early November.