Idea ID: 2737421

Trend reports using an arbitrary date field

Status : Delivered
over 6 years ago

While submit date works for many cases, it doesn't work in all scenarios where other date fields like close date or a user created field might fit better. Reports like tasks completed in a specific month would become possible. An arbitrary data field would remove all restrictions from the functionality.

  • David, the break down of weeks/months/etc needs to be by any user created date field. Currently, the weeks/months are only by Submit Date. The drop lists (single selection) for 1st/2nd Field do not offer a date field. Per help - "The list contains Binary/Trinary, Single Relational, Single Selection, and User fields". Really need to have these reports by a user created date, in addition to Submit Date. Hope that helps... Thanks!
  • To clarify your idea, can you provide an example of what you want to do that can't be done today? In a trend report, for example, one can today set the Search Filter on a date field besides submit date with an operand and a date value. For example, Last State Change Date >= '01/01/2014 12:00:00 AM'