Task and Unit Collection Widgets (Release Control)


This extension provides two configurable widgets. The first – Task Collection Widget – allows for creating deployment tasks, associating deployment units to tasks, and viewing the execution status of tasks during or after deployment. The second – Deployment Unit Widget – enables viewing and relating deployment units to Serena Release Control items.

A major feature of Serena Release Control (RLC) is the ability relate deployment tasks with release packages. This extension provides the Task Collection Widget which allows for creating, editing and viewing these tasks, from the context of a Release Control item.

Task Collection Widget

Additionally, Release Control includes a mechanism to add deployment units to release packages. This extension provides the Deployment Unit Widget which allows for viewing or editing the deployment units, from the context of a Release Control item.

Deployment Unit Widget

This extension requires that you have properly installed and configured Serena Release Control. The widgets require a unique Task Collection ID number, which is used to differentiate the deployment tasks and units across release packages. These widgets have a parameter with "view" and "edit" options which would be used on state and transition forms, respectively. The Task Collection Widget has additional parameters that can be used to facilitate copying task templates to release packages. Finally, the Deployment Unit Widget has optional parameters available for use with Release Control's "custom column" feature. Please refer to Serena Release Control documentation for more information.


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