This extension hides the intial load and formatting of the elements contained on your form so that users only see the form when it's ready to be displayed.

This basic extension helps hide the jumping that occurs when the form is loading. It's basically eye candy for your end-users and makes you as a developer look more pro to boot!

To use AntiFlicker:

  1. Add a row to the top of your custom form. Important, the row must be the first row on the top of your custom form to prevent items from appearing.
  2. Drag the AntiFlicker widget into this row. You can change the size so that it is as small as possible.
  3. Add a form action making it the last action setting to occur on form load. Setting this as the last action allows all other actions to complete before the form is shown.
  4. Choose AntiFlicker | Show Form, specifying the widget added in step 2.


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