This is a sample form extension that demonstrates the features and capabilities of form extensions by adding a new 'slideshow' custom widget to the form palette, and associated form action conditions and actions to the form actions menu.

Slideshow demonstrates the following form extension capabilities:

  1. Custom widgets
  2. Custom form actions
  3. Custom widgets raising changed events
  4. Custom initialization widget parameters
  5. Custom readable widget properties
  6. Assets (files) packaged and deployed with the extension
  7. Ability of JavaScript code to address assets
  8. Ability of form actions to address custom widgets
  9. All of the above in a shareable single file package.

Using form extensions, you can package up your form innovations into a single file that can be reused between applications and shared with the community.  Even if you're not creating form extensions, you can used shared community content to enhance your own custom forms.  Form extensions can be used for encapsulating any functionality available on the form, ranging from .CSS you'd like applied to the form to integrations with third party products using REST web services.



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