Line Item Creation - Insert Rows in Grid/Listing

7 months ago

The information contained in this blog post provides a way to implement a solution for line items on invoices, expense report entries, time entries or other ideas you may have that would require a user to enter a list of items with multiple fields per entry.


One of the strengths of SBM is the ease of creating child or sibling records with references for the user to easily navigate between the relationships.  Without a good deal of customization, in the past, the best way to create these relationships was to use a “Post” transition, the user if presented with a form to enter the data for the new record, then click OK and they are able to view the original record as access the new record with a relational field or embedded report.  This can get a little tedious and require extra clicks when doing the above steps for creating an invoice with N number of line items.  See an example below.

In the latest release of SBM, 11.2, we now have REST web services that can be leveraged to create new items.  The reason this is important is because we can now leverage the jQuery Ajax call to easily create the new child or sibling records without leaving the original form.  Perhaps the words don’t describe it best, so take a look at the video below for an example.

By the way, this configuration already leverages SSO for user authentication to submit the new line item records.
For more information on the JSON API you can access the online documentation at: or in the Composer Help.
If you are ready to implement this type of functionality I have included several documents in the zip file link to help you out.
  1. The blueprint I used to create the Invoice sample process in the videos above.  You will need SBM 11.2 to open the blueprint.
  2. 3 text files contain the JavaScripts included in my sample so you can copy/paste and do not have to retype everything.
  3. Step by Step Instruction document with screenshots.
  4. Instruction document on altering the jQuery Ajax call for use in your workflows.


Download Link:

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