Activity Across Multiple Projects in Work Center

over 6 years ago

In Work Center it's easy to combine issues from multiple projects into a single activity view.  In the following video, I demonstrate how to create feeds in two different projects and then tie these two feeds together into a single Activity View.

The user first goes to Settings and selects Feeds, which is used to create and manage feeds.  Two feeds are created here and made public, so that they can be used in an Activity View that will be shared with other users.  An Activity View can be made up of any number of these feeds, which serve to funnel data into the view.

Click Play and then click the Youtube icon to open it in a larger frame: 


In the next video you can see how to share the new activity view with a group of users and have the activity automatically pinned to the left navigation pane in Work Center for these users.  The automatic pinning of views is available to Administrators with the remote administration privilege.  They can use this feature to make the shared view automatically show up for a specified set of users and the view will be locked onto their left navigation menu in Work Center.

In the video you can see the user editing the new Activity View that was just created and sharing it with the "IDM Team" group.  After that the user clicks the checkbox for automatic pinning of the view for the users on the "IDM Team".  Next, the user logs out and logs back in as a member of the "IDM Team" where you can see that the Activity View has automatically appeared on the user's left navigation menu.

Click Play and then click the Youtube icon to open it in a larger frame:




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