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converting an array to a string...

Is there an easy way to convert an array to a string? I am wanting to convert and array like {"This", "is", "an", "array"} to "This is an array". This would be similar to the str() or val() or recordtostring() functions but would work on an array.

I am sure it can be done with a a loop and a few strrep() statements but if there is a simplier way...
  • All excellent suggestions. Thanks to each of you. Ben and Mark did things about as I would have. Sam gets a few extra point for pusing Java - something I should learn. Keven get 10 points for to solution I thought was avaialble but could not find and the quickest, simplest solution available.
  • Hi All, 

    I have one requirement for writing a validation for 'Solution' field. When solution is written less than 25 characters, as validation should throw saying" Solution should be greater than 25 characters".  I am using currently HPSm 9.40 version. Need to write conditions in RuleSets. Please help.

    I have one issue here. Solution field is of Array type. How to conevrt Array to Character. I have written the below condition for conversion. 


    and it is printing like {"1","2","3"}  .  But, I want this to come in no.of characters. 

    Also,After this, I am not knowing how to write a validation after this.Please help me. I am not aware of the coding part.

    Hi Keven/Cliff, I have tried to write RAD function like you have provided. But, couldn't make it. Could u please help. Here the input value for Solution field is 'resolution'. 


  • There is create solutions above.

    Also you can use next JS to convert array to string:

    function ArrayToString(val)
    	var type=system.functions.type(val)
    	if (type==8){
    		return val.join("")
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