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Relate tickets to one another via REST API


I need to create a relationship beetwen change and request (RequestedCausedByChange type). With documentation and this topic  I was able to create a body for my post:

where XXX is the Id of my request and YYY is the id of my change. I use EMS/Bulk API. I got error 500 though I do not see any reason why?

Do you have any ideas what to change in my body to get the relationship done?
Marcin Plisz
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    I have tested in a 2022.11 version and it works using this syntax (use the change value first):


                "relationships": [
                        "firstEndpoint": {
                        "secondEndpoint": {
  • Hi! 

    Sorry for late response, I was working on something else. I tested it today and it worked, amazing - thanks! Never came to my mind the Change has to go first.

    Thank a lot for your help!

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