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REST API for Create RF with email as attachment

Hello Experts,

I am trying to Create RF request with an (.msg) file as an attachment. ( Product: Micro Focus Service Manager)

From GUI we can do both in one go, with REST API, I can not see that is possible, as I see 2 different APIs

For create RF I am using:

http://<ip>:<port>/SE/9/rest/requests  ( POST) , as an output I get a RF number

For attachment I am using 

http://<ip>:<port>/SE/9/rest/requests/<number>/attachments ( POST) , but got no success

attachment REST output I get for existing request is like this.

Can anyone tell me, how to attach (.msg) file via payload? what fields are necessary in header/body 

Via POSTMAN , I am trying via form-data, header is added (Content-Disposition: attachment;filename=email1.msg )

Initial error I got is : The attachments are denied by the Attachment White List: email1.msg, but I am able to upload same file type from GUI for create RF

Any help would be much appreciated.