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REST API for Create Change , how to add Target start and end time/ Planned start and end time?

Hello All,

I am trying to add new change request via REST API to MFSM.

API I am using is -

http://<IP>:13083/SM/9/rest/changes, POST

Parameters passed are:


"Change": {

        "Service": < string > ,
        "description.structure": {
        "Description": ["test disc"]
        "header": {
                "AssignmentGroup": < string > ,
                "Category": "Standard Change",
                "ChangeModel": "Standard Change",
                "ChangeCoordinator": "pallavi",
                "InitiatedBy": "pallavi",
                "PlannedEnd": "2022-08-30T10:17:47+00:00",
                "PlannedStart": "2022-08-30T10:17:41+00:00",
                "Reason": < string > ,
                "Subcategory": < string > ,
                "Title": < string >

On GUI I can see Target start and Target end date, in API I am adding planned start and planned end date.

Can anyone suggest a proper format of this dates? what is the relation that is accepted between start and end date?  i

If I hard code these dates , request works, but I need it dynamic, so we can accept current date and time.

Please help to find a proper date formats for these API date-time stamp.

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