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User person status Retired, Terminated, Inactive, handling of terminated user.

Hi All,

Seeking advise on SMAX OOB practice use of the person status.

the value in people -> person status, does having different status trigger any task or feature in SMAX or are these just pure status value input?


when set a person status to either retired or terminated or inactive does it prevent the user from logging in?

when set a person status to either retired or terminated or inactive, will smax auto delete the user account in BO (suite adamin) portal and change the record to contact?

OOTB how does smax handle user account which no longer required access?

In smax is there a way to automate to remove the user account in BO when the user status is set to inactive or terminated?

(can this be done with the OO that came with smax in premium lincesne.)


Soong WengChew


  • Hi Soong WengChew,

    I won't be able to give you every usage here, but the status is often used to limit the number of people shown in a (Many2Many or Entity Link) dropdown.

    In Requested By for instance you will find that the system automatically filters out certain status values (you can see which ones by doing F12 and checking the REST-API):

    • Person?filter=(((IsSystemIntegration+!=+'true'+and+IsSystem+!=+'true'+or+IsSystemIntegration+=+null)+and+((EmployeeStatus+!=+'Retired'+and+EmployeeStatus+!=+'Terminated')+or+EmployeeStatus+=+null)).. 

    The above filter is predefined by SMAX.
    However, the system doesn't automatically change the User into a Contact based on this (see 'Person type' field).

    You can add more Rendering rules in case you want to add behaviour for other status values, especially if you add more values to the "Employee status enum" list. 



    Ben Rabau

  • Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the information, it very insightful.

    like to check, what is the best practice or how does most smax customer, handle the smax account of user who had left their company? do they manually go in to suite admin portal to delete the record or do they make used of the OO which came with smax and automate the deletion?


    Soong WengChew

  • Verified Answer

    Hi Wengchew,

    Most customers with a lot of "users" will invest in some form of automation, but two different schools of thought:

    • HR System or IdM is prime: this means that the trigger for disabling accounts sits outside of SMAX
      • Here the automation is often triggered from another tool, or from an OO (or Connect-IT) script that is scheduled to run every X hours
      • If SSO is implemented they wouldn't be able to log in anyway, so every X=24 hours is fine
    • SMAX is prime: in this case there is a Request in SMAX to disable a user
      • Here the automation triggered in SMAX is expected to update the IdM and HR systems too
      • As for the disabling of the account, we normally turn them into contacts (not delete them)
      • See: Manage Persons API -

    You can of course handle it manually (especially if you don't have too many users):

    I also forgot to mention something earlier: notifications also look at the status

    I hope this helps,


    Ben Rabau

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